The Center for Urban Studies attempts to side-step the fragmented and partial approaches of conventional social science research and to produce comprehensive accounts and representations and visualizations of uncharted social, cultural, thematic and economic landscapes, metropolitan and urban ecology, and governance systems. The research staff has a range of disciplinary backgrounds, and reputable quantitative and ethnographic research expertise on social-spatial aspects of urban development in Istanbul. Part of the Center’s activities in the coming periods will focus on developing graduate work & program.

Despite its recent establishment in 2010, Center for Urban Studies has produced high quality research on urban geography, urban change, and migration with a strong emphasis on Istanbul. CUS has already participated in research networks such as Turkish Migration Studies Group Network, Oxford University, and aims to develop cooperation in research and teaching with potential networks and universities. Should present trends continue, with its academic and applied research projects, CUS will transform itself into a center of excellence.

The research at the center focuses on three main themes:

Cities in Comparative and Historical Perspective
Analysis, representation, visualization and monitoring of economic & social landscapes,
The emergence consolidation and transformation of city regions

Social and Spatial Change and Continuity in the Global Context
Analysis of other globalities and global cities,
New global urban ethnographies and (hidden) geographies and narratives of globalization and global cities

Migration Studies
International and internal migration patterns
Social integration and social exclusion